5 Reasons I Am No Longer A Christian – A Martin Luther Treatise

So, a lot has changed from my old Morning Through Shadows blog, back when I was freshly graduated from college and bright and hopeful. Back then, I was still a Christian. Now, I am a Satanist. This transition has been a long time coming, and there are several reasons for it (quite a few of them intensely personal), but here are five reasons I am no longer a Christian.

1. False Humility

No one is genuinely humble, unless they are lacking in self-esteem, which is not a trait to be admired or encouraged. Christianity encourages its followers to be humble, but for what purpose? It cannot be for Christians’ own good. Humility is contrary to human nature. People want to be proud of who they are and what they’ve accomplished, and as long as that pride does not become arrogance and hubris, there is no reason to suppress that.

2. Encouraging Blind Faith Over Reason

While faith isn’t necessarily a bad thing, faith needs to be based in evidence. Where faith and evidence have a difference in opinion, evidence needs to be the clear winner. When one allows faith to win out over facts and evidence, one becomes a slave to one’s faith.

3. Lack Of Respect For Others’ Paths

One of the key tenements of Christianity is to spread the word of Christ. While they are many who interpret that to mean Christians are to spread the word through actions and words, the louder, if allegedly smaller, group of Christians interpret that more militarily. To these Christians, there is only one path to follow, and that is Christianity. Anyone following a different path is on the path straight to Hell, and are to be continually harassed and/or threatened until conversion, or condemned as a lesser member of society. While these Evangelists may not be a majority of Christians, they are the loudest voices of white American Christians. Until the more respectful Christians learn to speak out against such bigotry, they are no less guilty of it.

4. Sexual Repression

The vast majority of those who advocate abstinence-only sexual education are Christians who take the commandment “Thou shalt not commit adultery” a little too liberally. Adultery is a word that means voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not his or her spouse. These Christians (and they are, unfortunately, the vast majority) understand this as a restriction on sex out-of-wedlock entirely, regardless of whether either partner is married or not. This has led to severe misunderstandings amongst teenagers and even some adults concerning how sex and sexual relationships actually work. Teenage pregnancy rates are higher in schools where theocrats are able to preach their unhealthy and prudish ways. Those who do indulge in their sexual desires and curiosities are labelled as sluts and either shunned as socially inferior, or are taken advantage of and used. Furthermore, abstinence-only curriculum teaches students that their bodies are things to be ashamed of and hidden away, rather than something natural, a part of themselves. If a student has not a rebellious bone in his or her body, this unhealthy and taught insecurity can carry over into his or her adult life.

5. Subservience Over Independence And Curiosity

The common rhetoric amongst Christians is that humans are sheep and Jesus is their shepherd. He is the caretaker and protector. He drives the wolves away and keeps the herd together. While on the surface that seems like a sweet deal for the humans, one must not forget why sheep are kept as domestic animals. At the top of my head, there are two reasons to keep sheep. The first, and most obvious reason is to harvest their wool. This is a relatively harmless process, and even beneficial for the sheep. Extra weight is removed, allowing the sheep to move more freely, and to keep it cool during the summer months. However, there is another, far less benign reason the shepherd tends sheep. Mutton. Lamb chops. We as Americans might not immediately think of sheep as a food source except on special occasions, but in the time the Bible was written it would have been a more readily available food source. The sheep don’t know for what reason they are being tended, only that the shepherd is their tender. It is better to take care of oneself than to let someone else who hides their motives do it.

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