Facing the Uncomfortable

The Satanic Temple has the Seven Tenets, and The Church of Satan has the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth. Since Satanism is a religion which heavily encourages individuality, I have developed my own personal Satanic principles. Tying into my previous post, one of those principles is to face the uncomfortable.

Facing the uncomfortable can be quite difficult. It is, well, uncomfortable, and as has been stated in my previous post, people don’t like stepping out of their comfort zones. However, as was also mentioned in my previous post, it is important to face things we find uncomfortable in order to grow.

Being a fan of and a writer of the horror genre, I believe I have a slight advantage over others who don’t enjoy the genre when it comes to facing the uncomfortable. That’s part of what horror does – it forces the reader, or viewer, to face the things he or she finds uncomfortable, be it gore, other cultures, or death and its consequences.

But while reading or watching horror can help get one accustomed to facing the uncomfortable in the real world, it doesn’t do much unless you take the time to reflect. Understand what it is that makes you uncomfortable, and why. Then, you can affect positive change in the world, and in yourself.

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