Great Omens

I had wanted to do this one much earlier, but circumstances unfortunately prevented me from doing so. As stated in my announcement from last week, moving sucks. So, unfortunately, I won’t be sharing my initial thoughts of the show, because I’ve already watched it several times over. I will, however, share what I think of the series.

  • This is a perfect example of an adaptation staying true to the spirit of the story as presented in its original format, while also adding depth that wasn’t originally presented to the characters (the whole thirty minute intro to the third episode fleshing out Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship over the millennia), and changing minor details to reflect different time periods (Anathema using an iPad as a reference while trying to divine Adam’s location).
  • As someone who wears glasses and who is also sexually active, the part of the scene with Anathema and Newt where they fumble with each other’s glasses was the most relatable part of a sex scene I’ve ever seen.
  • David Tennant makes a delicious looking Crowley (as was to be expected).
  • The woman playing War was pretty fucking awesome too.
  • Casting choices in general were pretty fucking awesome.
  • Crowley and Aziraphale are definitely fucking. Or, at the very least, so sickeningly in love with each other it makes my teeth ache.
  • The “one big avocado line” was funnier in the book.
  • They kept the running joke where the Bentley refuses to play anything but Queen, and that makes me so happy.

Overall, this is definitely a good series to sit down, watch, and discuss with friends. Or, if you’re of the same mind as I am, fixate on when depression and the responsibilities of being a functioning adult get overwhelming, to the point where you forget you’re depressed and all those responsibilities don’t seem so heavy anymore.


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