NaNoWriMo 2019 11/3

Welcome back my darlings. If you’ve been watching my social media, you know my little hiatus has been in preparation for NaNoWriMo. And the time has come! Regretfully, I am not quite as extensively prepared as I was last year. This year’s novel has not been named yet (nor has the main character; I’m using the placeholder MC for him), but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for it. This year, I’m writing about necromancy, and a little bit of necrophilia. The main gist of the story is: a group of students at a school for necromancers stumble across an old grimoire filled with some, shall we say, unconventional spells, including a sex ritual for resurrection (listen to Powerwolf’s “Resurrection by Erection” and you’ll find the inspiration for this story). After the death of his lover, one of those students attempts the ritual, with disastrous, and (I hope) hilarious consequences.

Disclaimer: This is a rough draft. I have edited nothing, and will not edit until the month is over. There will be spelling mistakes, poor grammar, inconsistent style, improper capitalization, what have you. Try not to judge me too poorly.
Current Word Count: 974
Expected Word Count: 5,001

Necromancy is not just raising the dead. It is an artform, a science. The field contains many nuances; categories and subcategories, and different philosophies to apply to the various techniques. Necromancers make up a variety of careers, from surgeons to funeral directors, to military strategists, and yes, necromancers make up the vast majority of ghost hunters. Yes, there are those who might call us morbid, and to be sure, it can be quite a morbid field to work in. However, nothing compares to how rewarding the job can be, the look on a widow’s face when you present her husband for his wake, and have her tell you that if she didn’t know any better she’d expect him to wake up any minute. In this book you will learn –

“Ugh, this is just a beginner’s manual!” Eddie exclaimed with disgust, earning a few dirty looks from some of his fellow students and library patrons. He ignored them, combing his dark hair back with his fingers and leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms petulantly over his chest. “I was hoping we’d find some of the more advanced stuff, like how to actually raise the dead, or summon zombies or something.”

“Necromancy isn’t just raising the dead,” Victor admonished his friend lightly.

“Well, yeah, we know that,” Eddie said, indicating the three boys at the table; himself, Victor, and his boyfriend MC. “That’s why we’re here. This,” and he glared at the book MC had been reading aloud from, “is the type of stuff you learn at a General Magicks class, not a specialized academy!”

“They probably want to make sure we know the basic theory,” MC said, placing a placating hand on Eddie’s arm. “Gotta crawl before you can walk, you know.”

“I guess,” Eddie grumbled. “I just expected more than pro-necromancy propaganda, you know?”

“It is not propaganda,” Victor rumbled, crossing his arms over his barrel chest and giving Eddie a judgmental look. “Necromancy is a very misunderstood field, and it is necessary to teach what it is really about before going into the practical side of it.”

Victor was a new friend, met after Eddie and MC had moved into the dorms of the Necromantic Academy. Eddie and MC unfortunately hadn’t been able to room together; thanks to some stupid rule about lovers under the age of eighteen not being allowed to room together. MC ended up with Victor as roommate, thanks to the Academy’s lottery system, while Eddie, thank the Darkness, got his own room. Victor had taken a bit of a liking to MC, and Eddie had no objections to the addition of a third to his and MC’s usual crowd of two during the few days before classes started. MC still wasn’t sure about the newcomer, and glared at Victor for what he perceived was disrespect toward his love.

“It is when it’s speaking to the already converted,” MC retorted. “This is a textbook written by one of the professors here, specifically for his class. We already have an idea of what necromancy really is, if we’re taking his class. Right Ed?”

“Yep,” Eddie agreed.

Victor harrumphed and shook his head at the young lovers. “But it’s a required class,” he insisted. “I don’t think they’re going to try and sell us information we already have. There has to be some value to it!”

“Well, whatever it is, it sounds boring,” MC concluded, closing the book with a snap and tossing it on the table. “I’m gonna see where the spellbooks are!”

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