New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome back, my darlings! I hope everyone is enjoying the new year thus far. If not, may it get better.

When I was younger, I never really got into the practice of making new year’s resolutions. They always seemed a waste of time; because, let’s be honest, no one really keeps to their resolution for longer than January. And everyone’s resolutions are always the same: lose weight, exercise more, give up soda/sweets/whatever, clean more often (one of my personal resolutions for this year, actually). None of that really interested me, because I didn’t think it would benefit me as a person. Now, as a Satanist who worships the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, and I (more on that later), I have a different opinion on new year’s resolutions.

New year’s resolutions (and really, making in general) satisfy a couple key aspects to my Satanism. The first is self-improvement, or rather, becoming the person I think of as me instead of hiding her from myself and others; a part of shadow integration. The other aspect is making things happen for myself, rather than wishing for them to happen.

So here are my new year’s resolutions regarding my writing and this blog for 2020:

  1. Have posts written and scheduled a month in advance. This past year I’ve gone on several hiatuses because life keeps getting in the way. My hope is that having my posts written far ahead of time (rather than the week that I’ve been doing) will alleviate that problem.
  2. Submit my fiction writing, specifically short stories, more frequently. Right now the plan is to submit every other month, using the previous month to write and edit a story.
  3. Finish a novel by September. I have one completed manuscript under my belt. And while I am quite proud of that accomplishment, as not many aspiring writers can claim it, Out of Zion‘s first draft was finished seven years ago, and is still not what I would consider publishable. In the future I will probably revisit it and make the necessary revisions to do the story justice, but for now it sits collecting dust on my shelf (and Dr. John A. McDermott’s shelf, who coached me through its writing).
  4. Improve my SEO practices and skills. This serves two purposes: the first being a skill I can add to my resume to help me get the fuck out of retail; and the second being the obvious, to increase my following as a writer so I can earn more money doing it, which will also ultimately help get me the fuck out of retail.

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