Satanic Principles – F**k The Man

This principle, and the fact that it is first on my list, is proof that I probably took Jack Black’s missive to “stick it to The Man” in School of Rock a little too seriously when I was ten.

Joking aside, this is probably my most Satanic principle on this list. Let us start by defining The Man. Who is he, and why are we fucking him?

As far as who he is, that’s an easy answer. The Man is arbitrary authority, he’s Big Brother, a dictator, a weak man in a powerful position who’s let his power go to his head. The Man can manifest as an overbearing parent, a boss who thinks he’s too important to step away from his desk and help his workers when they need it, even as a whole government. The Man can even be God. To defy The Man is the most Satanic thing you can do.

And why, besides as a Satanic rite, do we say fuck The Man? Because The Man needs to be taken down a peg or two. The Man has not earned our respect, or the worship he so craves. No one may rule over us without our consent, and that is what The Man strives to do. It is the Satanist’s duty to protect the people The Man wants to hurt and oppress. We do this by thwarting him whenever we can. We become a monster he can vilify, and draw his attention away from other groups which are less capable of defending themselves from The Man’s attentions.


2 thoughts on “Satanic Principles – F**k The Man

  1. Very eloquent and clear. And yes, t applies to any authority figures..even the onne who supposedly died for our “sins”.


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