Demons and Sh*t – Bael

Name: Bael
Title: King
Origin: Judeo-Christian

Bael is one of many Judeo-Christian demons that originated as a pagan god. Or, more accurately, many pagan gods. The Semitic word Ba’al, from which Bael’s name is derived, means “lord,” and has been associated with several ancient Semitic pagan gods, including the Phoenician god El, and the Judaic god Yahweh (Yeah, as in the Christian god Yahweh. Oh, the irony). Because of his multitude of associations, you could say that Bael is a demon of all trades, though he is especially known for giving people the gift of invisibility.


One thought on “Demons and Sh*t – Bael

  1. Wonderful, S.K. Thank you for this interesting insight into our demons. Invisibility, a fly on the wall, wouldn’t it be enlightening at times. Wishing you an inspired month of May. Take care, stay safe.


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