Demons and Sh*t – Ghoul

Name: Ghoul
Type/Title: Flesh-eaters
Origin: Pre-Islamic Arabic

I believe this is my first demon that isn’t a specific named demon. Ghouls are generally thought of as flesh-eaters; they eat dead bodies. I believe they were originally a kind of pre-Islamic demonic entity that like to hang out in cemeteries and desecrate the graves so they can eat, but nowadays they’re typically seen as a type of undead creature. Kind of like zombies, but they usually wait until you’re dead before they start eating you. Some stories depict them as mindless, while others give them enough sentience and cunning to lure victims to their lair to kill and eat at their leisure. Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles feature a group of slightly more benign ghouls, who work as a crime scene cleanup crew. Good, honest work for a ghoul.


4 thoughts on “Demons and Sh*t – Ghoul

  1. No, but now you mention it, not dissimilar. It’s one of the bookends you and Omar got me from Bahrain that one year.


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