Demons and Sh*t – Hiei

Name: Hiei
Type/Title: Fire Demon
Origin: Anime (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yes, I am a nerd. My “H” demon is an anime character. I’m not sorry. Hiei is a fire demon from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho. He’s kind of a badass. He starts the series off as a villain and a nasty one at that. He has a third eye, which the Funimation dub calls a Jagan and the subtitles call an Evil Eye, which allows him a certain amount of clairvoyance, and, more importantly, mind control. As the series goes on he becomes less of a villain and more of a not-so-bad guy who does good things because they were presented as a challenge, or because other characters extorted him. Either way, Hiei is generally considered a fan favorite.


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