Life Update 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on Playing With Demons. The pandemic has done quite the number on me and my mental health. As a result, I have terribly neglected my writing. Of course, people need to take breaks, and I am no different. It happens. Life, and the day job, have to take precedence sometimes. I have battled with my own personal shame for prioritizing other things over my writing, and it’s time I not only learn to forgive myself for temporarily setting my writing aside, but it is also time to write again.

I do not expect to immediately have a post for you every week. That was hard enough even in the swing of things. I think a post a month sounds like a reasonable goal for the next six months, then work my way up to my old weekly schedule. But do not worry, I have lots of plans for this website and blog.


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