Raise Your Voice

A lot of English teachers and writing professors like to talk about a writer’s voice, but few of them (at least in my experience) give a clear definition. In many ways, a writer’s voice is intuitive. As people have unique patterns of speech, they also have unique patterns in their writing. Stephen King’s writing voice […]

Help Yourself

This may seem somewhat hypocritical coming from a blogger whose unsolicited advice is sometimes reminiscent of that coming from a motivational speaker, but the self-help industry is a total scam. I and many of my friends have held that belief for quite a while now, and the reason I’m bringing it up is that the […]

Speculating Genre Fiction

The phrase “speculative fiction” is one I’m not particularly fond of. Its official definition, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a broad literary genre encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.” Speculative fiction covers a few different genres, and each of them are doing different things. The three main genres under the overarching label of […]

The Importance of Stories

I was raised with a love of stories. Story time was my absolute favorite time of the day when I was small, and when I learned to read, I was the kid who always had her nose stuck in a book. When I learned to write, I started writing my own stories, and I never […]

The Magic of Music

I’ve stated many times before that my favorite definition of magic is applied psychology, but there is another definition I like, which is the manipulation of emotion and energy. Fun fact: music is the manipulation of sound, and sound is energy. Already, music is halfway to meeting my second set of criteria. In order to […]