Demons and Sh*t – Moloch

Name: MolochType: Canaanite DeityOrigin: Biblical My first encounter with Moloch comes from a silly parody of “Jesus Loves the Little Children”: “Moloch loves the little children / All the children of the world / Black and black and black and black / Stick their ashes in a sack / Moloch loves the little children of […]

Demons and Sh*t – La Llorona

Name: La LloronaTitle: The Weeping WomanOrigin: Central America and South America I was somewhat surprised to learn how many of my friends of Hispanic descent are genuinely terrified of La Llorona. Perhaps it’s because her backstory isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. There are several tales about La Llorona throughout Central America and […]

Ostara of the Dawn

By the time this post goes up, it should be Good Friday, and that seems like a good time to talk about Eostre, from whence the Easter holiday takes its name. A lot of Christians have a lot of questions about Easter, such as: “What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the Resurrection,” […]