Satanic Principles: Creativity is a Trait to be Treasured and Cultivated

“All we want […] is the freedom to create and entertain and share with each other, to preserve and cherish what we can while we can, and to build our own little citadels away from the insensitivities of the rest of the world.” Anton Lavey Someone unfamiliar with Satanism might be somewhat surprised to find […]

Halloween Traditions – Costumes

Costume parties are an integral aspect of the Halloween tradition in the US. There is an entire industry dedicated to mass producing and selling Halloween costumes, though the best ones are homemade. I’ve said before that Halloween is a creative holiday, and costumes are a part of that creativity. Even adults participate in the activity, […]

Help Yourself

This may seem somewhat hypocritical coming from a blogger whose unsolicited advice is sometimes reminiscent of that coming from a motivational speaker, but the self-help industry is a total scam. I and many of my friends have held that belief for quite a while now, and the reason I’m bringing it up is that the […]

Explaining the Unexplained

A lot of people, myself and many other Satanists and witches included, are fascinated by the paranormal. There’s something alluring about unexplained phenomena; it sparks the imagination, and from it, we can creat dark and terrible creatures, powerful beings from worlds entirely unlike ours. All stories – at least, all the good ones – are […]