Satanic Symbols and Their Meanings

For someone first getting into Satanism, it might be difficult to understand all of the symbols and imagery we use. There are a lot of different symbols and sigils that are commonly associated with Satanism – some of them directly, others not so much. It can be hard to find quality sources for anyone looking […]

Demons and Sh*t – Orcus

Name: OrcusType: Lord of the UnderworldOrigin: Etruscan mythology Orcus is another of those obscure demons that was originally a god before the Christians decided to smear their nonsense all over the world at large. Like a lot of mythical characters, Orcus is a bit of a mishmash of a bunch of different myths. He is […]

Satanism and Paganism

I’m probably going to get a lot of heat for saying this, but there are a lot of similarities between pagan religions and Satanism. A lot of Satanists and pagans will vehemently deny this, and on a certain level, I understand why. While neither religion involves a belief in or worship of “the devil,” many […]