The Value of Pseudoscience

As a Satanist, I believe in science. I don’t believe in anything without evidence, so I have a strange relationship with the pseudosciences I’m interested in. I’m into paranormal investigation, essential oils, crystals, and astrology. All of those fields are objectively nonsense. Paranormal investigators are notoriously terrible adherents to the scientific method, there is no […]

Into the Darkness

This post is a little bit cerebral, so bear with me, my darlings. Today I am writing about the philosophical “Light” and “Dark.” It’s a somewhat difficult topic to go over because there’s nothing tangible about the Light and the Dark, and as such, they are hard to define. There are four definitions I can […]

Ostara of the Dawn

By the time this post goes up, it should be Good Friday, and that seems like a good time to talk about Eostre, from whence the Easter holiday takes its name. A lot of Christians have a lot of questions about Easter, such as: “What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the Resurrection,” […]

Satanic Principles: My Body Is My Own

The concept of bodily autonomy, in some shape or form, is a prominent one in every branch of Satanism I can think of, so it’s no surprise it found its way onto my list of personal Satanic Principles. The phrase is now starting to get more attention in the mainstream media, especially with the #MeToo […]