My Party

November has come. Riding off the coattails of Halloween comes Thanksgiving. As a Satanist, my birthday is my most important holiday. Thanksgiving is a fun one. Of course, all the food is great, but for me the best part is making my own contribution to the feast and hanging out with my closest friends. However, […]

This is Halloween!

It’s autumn again, finally. My favorite season of the year. The air starts to cool and the leaves on the trees change. With the fall comes three of my favorite holidays: Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving. The first of these is Halloween. It’s spooky season! Everyone is on my level now. At least, most people […]

Life Update 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on Playing With Demons. The pandemic has done quite the number on me and my mental health. As a result, I have terribly neglected my writing. Of course, people need to take breaks, and I am no different. It happens. Life, and the day job, have […]

Life Update 2020

It has been quite some time my darlings, since I tried and failed the April A to Z Challenge. The pandemic has been stressful. But despite the absolute shit-show this year has been for the most part, not all is hopeless. Lots of good things have happened this year along with the bad, the biggest […]

Demons and Sh*t – Jinn

Name: JinnType/Title: Shapeshifters, wish granters, storm/wind spiritsOrigin: Pre-Islamic Arabic, Islamic Jinn are another example of pagan deities and spirits appropriated by Abrahamic religion. Jinn aren’t necessarily demons; the word seems to be a catchall for any Arabic or Islamic supernatural entity. Western depictions have given them the ability to grant wishes, and an association with […]