The Love Affair Between Shadow And Light

Shadow integration, or shadow work, as it’s sometimes called, is an important aspect to my Satanism. For those who have never heard of it, shadow integration is a theory of Jungian psychology. The general idea is that people have two sides of themselves: the light, or the side that they present to the world; and […]

Let’s Throw Dice

So. Saturday Night Live did a naughty. If you haven’t already seen it, here it is, in all its lack of glory: Employee of the Month is an honor worth fighting for. ⚔️— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) April 7, 2019 Yeah. Someone rolled a natural one on their performance check. There are […]

Let The Show Begin

One of the main criticisms of Satanism, particularly the brand of Satanism practiced by The Satanic Temple, is that it’s nothing more than a circus show. People see some of the few, but highly publicized public rituals and (assuming they’re not a superstitious idiot) say that it’s nothing more than an act; Satanic ritual is […]

Why I Like Horror

It’s a question I’ve heard several times before, and it doesn’t have a quick and easy answer. There are several reasons I enjoy the horror genre, both its consumption and its creation. So when it comes to why I like horror (and for the purpose of this blog I’m going to be referring specifically to […]

Identity of a Reboot

This seems to be a popular trend among movie-makers and television show producers, where they take a popular franchise (such as Ghostbusters, Charmed, Rocky Horror, etc.) and change key aspects of the characters’ identity: their race, ethnicity, or gender. This is usually done for the sake of promoting diversity. Which is a noble pursuit. We […]

Satanic Panic is Christian Panic

There are few people who have not heard the phrase “Satanic Panic.” It’s possibly the most recent major moral panic in the US, and a growing concern for many Satanists who believe we are on the brink of another one. The Satanic Panic was a phenomenon, similar to the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch […]

Unpopular Opinion – Cultural Appropriation

The phrase “cultural appropriation” is usually one that triggers a strong emotional reaction. It is often synonomous with racism, white supremacy, and colonialism, all three of which tend to evoke strong negative reactions – and for good reason. Racism, white supremacy, and colonialism are damaging to society as a whole. Sometimes, so is cultural appropriation. […]