Writing as Magic

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” Robin Williams Reading and writing have been important to me from a young age. I started teaching myself to read when I was about two. My first brother was born, and my parents didn’t have time to read to me, which was […]

Using a Planner for Magic

A few years ago, my friend gifted me with something called a Passion Planner. Initially, I was a little skeptical. I hadn’t used a planner since I was in school, and even then, I didn’t use it much. I had trouble keeping up with them, and eventually I stopped using them altogether. I don’t know […]

The Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, And I

Satanists, whether theistic or non-theistic Satanists, are self-worshipers. Or, as a middle-aged Protestant who recognized my Sigil of Baphomet for what it is and decided to pick a fight while I was at work yelled at me, we worship the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, and I. But there are a few misconceptions many people […]

Satanic Principles

I compiled this list about a year ago. The two main Satanic groups in the US, The Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple, have their Eleven Satanic Rules and the Seven Tenets, respectively. Since Satanism is such an individualistic religion, I thought it would be beneficial to make a list of my own values […]

Voodoo In The Night

One of the many things I’m asked as a Satanist is, if I don’t believe in a literal Satan, why do I participate in ritual magick? Why perform a destruction ritual if you don’t believe anyone is going to be destroyed by it? What is Black Mass, if not devil worship? The thing is, ritual […]