About Me

S. Kay Smith is a freelance writer, editor, and blogger. She is a published author of short stories and an aspiring novelist with a BFA in creative writing.

I chose the name “Playing with Demons” for my website and blog because a friend of mine told me to quit fucking around and start writing or my demons wouldn’t play with me anymore. I thought that was hilarious, and the idea of playing with demons stuck with me.

Much of what I write about on this blog pertains to two topics that are very important to me: the craft of writing and Satanism. I am a nontheistic agnostic Satanist, which can be a lonely road – especially while living in the Bible Belt region of the United States. Satanism wasn’t as visible in the US when I became one, and now that it’s getting more attention thanks to the efforts of The Satanic Temple, I want to make my contribution to the community doing what I do best: write.

Unless otherwise stated, expect to see a new blog post every other Friday at 3:00 am CST.