Cures for Writers Block

It’s been a while since I wrote about anything besides Satanic issues, so this week I’m going to talk about writing again. To get back into the writing mood I’m going to be going over a pretty basic topic, but one that many beginning writers struggle with: writers block and its cures. In order to […]

Let The Show Begin

One of the main criticisms of Satanism, particularly the brand of Satanism practiced by The Satanic Temple, is that it’s nothing more than a circus show. People see some of the few, but highly publicized public rituals and (assuming they’re not a superstitious idiot) say that it’s nothing more than an act; Satanic ritual is […]

Why I Like Horror

It’s a question I’ve heard several times before, and it doesn’t have a quick and easy answer. There are several reasons I enjoy the horror genre, both its consumption and its creation. So when it comes to why I like horror (and for the purpose of this blog I’m going to be referring specifically to […]

Identity of a Reboot

This seems to be a popular trend among movie-makers and television show producers, where they take a popular franchise (such as Ghostbusters, Charmed, Rocky Horror, etc.) and change key aspects of the characters’ identity: their race, ethnicity, or gender. This is usually done for the sake of promoting diversity. Which is a noble pursuit. We […]

Satanic Panic is Christian Panic

There are few people who have not heard the phrase “Satanic Panic.” It’s possibly the most recent major moral panic in the US, and a growing concern for many Satanists who believe we are on the brink of another one. The Satanic Panic was a phenomenon, similar to the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch […]

Unpopular Opinion – Cultural Appropriation

The phrase “cultural appropriation” is usually one that triggers a strong emotional reaction. It is often synonomous with racism, white supremacy, and colonialism, all three of which tend to evoke strong negative reactions – and for good reason. Racism, white supremacy, and colonialism are damaging to society as a whole. Sometimes, so is cultural appropriation. […]

Male Competitors

Going back to one of my previous posts, “Writing in Competition,” here is a list of my top ten competitors: Stephen King Shirley Jackson Joe Hill Anne McCaffrey H.P. Lovecraft J.K. Rowling Rick Riordan Kevin Hearne George R.R. Martin Mary Shelley As you can see, the majority of the authors I consider my top competitors […]