Demons and Sh*t – Nekomata

Name: NekomataType: Cat yokaiOrigin: Japan There are two types of nekomata in Japanese folklore: mountain nekomata and domestic nekomata. Mountain nekomata are described as attacking and eating humans, though those reports could easily be attributed to wild cats or even bears. Domestic nekomata are a little harder to explain away for those who believe in […]

Demons and Sh*t – Moloch

Name: MolochType: Canaanite DeityOrigin: Biblical My first encounter with Moloch comes from a silly parody of “Jesus Loves the Little Children”: “Moloch loves the little children / All the children of the world / Black and black and black and black / Stick their ashes in a sack / Moloch loves the little children of […]

Demons and Sh*t – La Llorona

Name: La LloronaTitle: The Weeping WomanOrigin: Central America and South America I was somewhat surprised to learn how many of my friends of Hispanic descent are genuinely terrified of La Llorona. Perhaps it’s because her backstory isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. There are several tales about La Llorona throughout Central America and […]

Demons and Sh*t – Krampus

Name: KrampusTitle: The Yule LordOrigin: Alpine Austria I know my Demons and Shit series was meant for the April A to Z Challenge last year, but this seems like a good time to revisit it, with Krampusnacht in just a few days and my “K” demon being the next on the list. When I was […]

Demons and Sh*t – Jinn

Name: JinnType/Title: Shapeshifters, wish granters, storm/wind spiritsOrigin: Pre-Islamic Arabic, Islamic Jinn are another example of pagan deities and spirits appropriated by Abrahamic religion. Jinn aren’t necessarily demons; the word seems to be a catchall for any Arabic or Islamic supernatural entity. Western depictions have given them the ability to grant wishes, and an association with […]