The Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, And I

Satanists, whether theistic or non-theistic Satanists, are self-worshipers. Or, as a middle-aged Protestant who recognized my Sigil of Baphomet for what it is and decided to pick a fight while I was at work yelled at me, we worship the Unholy Trinity of Me, Myself, and I. But there are a few misconceptions many people have about self-worship.

Many people assume that self-worshipers are narcissistic. That the only love we are capable of is love for ourselves, and that any relationships we may take part in are purely self-serving. They assume that we do not push ourselves to grow and better ourselves. These assumptions are false.

Yes, part of self-worship means to put ourselves and our own needs above the needs of others. And while that sounds cold and heartless, it does not mean we do not offer kindness to those worse off than us, or that we do not engage in charity. What it does mean is that we do not sacrifice our needs, or the needs of our loved ones, for the needs of strangers. I’m not going to feed someone if it means I or the members of my household have to go hungry. But if I have extra food, I have no problem sharing it, as long as my kindness is not taken advantage of. If you need a couple bucks and it won’t eat too much into my budget, take it. You may share my space, as long as you do not abuse it, and your use of it does not eject me from it.

To a self-worshiper like a Satanist, one’s body is one’s temple. And I don’t mean that in the sense that Christians mean it. Christians mean that in the sense that one’s body belongs to God and is to be used solely for the worship of God. Satanists and other self-worshipers mean it in the sense that their body is their own. We are free to do with our bodies as we please, regardless of how others think of it – we can get piercings, tattoos, dye our hair, and yes, even abort pregnancies as unwanted intruders without considering it sinful. That being said, it is also our duty to take care of our bodies. We would be poor worshipers of ourselves if we let our vessels run down without proper maintenance. That’s why we go to the doctor when we’re sick (advice I could take advantage of more often, in all honesty). We indulge ourselves in order to lift ourselves up when we’re feeling down, and we make an effort to look our best, according to our own aesthetic, not because we’re arrogant or conceited, but because that’s what makes us feel good.

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